My Kingdom for a Quarterback

Future Hall-of-Fame linebacker Von Miller recently claimed he could play quarterback for Denver and basically implied anyone can play that position.  However, the Broncos did try and prove him right by playing as many people back there as possible. It appears not just anyone can play signal caller in the National Football League.

I also think the conversation about football in Denver should include lots of other player positions that could use some help. For example, we could spend a few weeks discussing the wildly inconsistent effort by the very offensive line. Or has the tight end spot been replaced by Where's Waldo? We might even spend some time trying to get placekicker Brandon McManus an appointment with a sports psychologist. After signing his first substantive contract, McManus has barely been able to keep his roster spot, much less earn the bonus cash.

Dark humor is all the fans have left this season on the eve of the second to last game of the season. And much humor has b…

Fifteen Days to Oblivion

When the Broncos lined up to play the winless New York Giants on a nationally televised Sunday night game, optimism, and maybe a dash of overconfidence filtered up into the mile high night sky.  After all, the home team was 3-1, with two impressive division wins, and a rare romp over the Dallas Cowboys, one of the toughest teams in the NFC.  It appeared team co-captain Trevor Siemian had put the quarterback question to rest, and Denver was aiming at a return to the post-season.

What a difference a handful of days can make.

The Broncos were stunned by the Giants, and then shut-out in the very comfortable confines of Stub Hub Stadium in Los Angeles, with half of the small crowd clad in orange before turning the ball over five times to the division rival Chiefs on Monday Night Football. By the time the final whistle sounded, 15-days passed, from the loss to the Giants October 15th to error filled loss in Kansas City on the October 30th.

It was far more trick than treat for Broncos Countr…

Return of the King or the Empire Strikes Back?

Brock Osweiler is back in town and he's on the horse he rode in on.

And thus, the tension in Broncos Country escalated quickly.

A mere year and one half ago, the defending Super Bowl Champion Denver Broncos watched Peyton Manning ride off into a soon to be Hall of Fame sunset. The handpicked successor to the Manning era, Brock Osweiler understandably took full advantage of a bidding war with the Houston Texans, and surprised most experts when he took the deal.

To be fair to Brock, it was a really, really good deal. Four years and 72-million dollars, with more than half of it guaranteed. How good of a contract? Osweiller will earn 15 million bucks from Cleveland and $775,000 from the Broncos in a back-up role.

Of course, this is the Mile High City. Quarterback talk around the water cooler is a year round exercise in these parts. In fact, just before Paxton Lynch got hurt, somebody asked me what exactly was Elway's plan with the position?

The plan really was Brock. And then he w…

New Number Six the Broncos Big Fix?

Mister not so irrelevant Chad Kelly recently mentioned in an interview on 104.3 The Fan, that he is planning to wear number six for the Denver Broncos. Like most jersey numbers from a team with a history dating back to 1960, the history is a bit of a mixed bag. As many kickers as quarterbacks have donned the number, but with competition like Bubby Brister, Jay Cutler and even worn by Brock Osweiler during his rookie season, Chad Kelly could be the best six Denver has ever had.

Of course we're getting ahead of ourselves, the jersey number selection isn't official yet for the newest batch of draft picks, and we aren't even sure if the brash rookie out of Ole Miss will make the final roster. But I'm thinking he will.

First off, how much fun would it be to spend an afternoon with John Elway's contact list?

In the old days we needed a rolodex or phone books, or little tiny hand scrawled notebooks with phone numbers and now smart phones can stack up a lifetime of direct …

To Romo or Not to Romo?

That is the question this week as many folks in and around the National Football League speculate on the future of current Dallas Cowboy quarterback Tony Romo.
If he is indeed released by Dallas, the rumors continue to point toward Denver as possible destination for the 36-year old signal caller.
And based on the online fan feedback, there doesn't seem to be a lot of love for the idea.
Should Denver go after the oft-injured veteran?
Hang with me a second Broncos Country. Yes. He's Romo. He's the dude who couldn't hold the ball for an extra point try. He's the one who has the injured reserve on speed dial. He's old. And for crying out loud he's a freaking Cowboy!
But Tony Romo is also a really, really good quarterback when he's healthy.
A healthy Romo is flat out better than the youthful tandem of Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch. Both players may end up as fine quarterbacks someday. They just aren't Super Bowl ready. Do you know how we kn…

Giving Vance the Chance

Count me among the surprised fans of Broncos Country.

I knew two years ago that John Elway, the esteemed NFL Hall of Fame quarterback and current  Denver Broncos ExecutiveVice President of Football Operations, had a strong interest in Vance Joseph.

Joseph was interviewed to be the next defensive coordinator here in Denver, but the Cincinnati Bengals made the rare refusal when a coach has an opportunity to be promoted via hire by an opposing team. The Bengals held firm as Joseph was deemed too valuable to let go. Thus, the Broncos turned to Wade Phillips, a guy who hadn't been in the game for a year.

And that turned out to be a pretty good twist of fate for the Broncos as they marched on to a Super Bowl title.

Former Colorado Buffalo Vance Jospeh did get his promotion from defensive backs coach to defensive coordinator with the Miami Dolphins. As all the world of the NFL seems to be connected to Denver in some form or fashion, former Broncos offensive coordinator Adam Gase, who obv…

Are the Broncos Being Too Careful At Quarterback?

Of course there is a quarterback controversy the instant a soon-to-be Hall of Fame signal caller hangs up his cleats for the final time.  As Peyton Manning moves on to the next phase of his life, the Denver Broncos are attempting to defend a SuperBowl Championship.

Only seven NFL teams have successfully defended their titles with a consecutive championship. The Broncos are one of those seven teams going back to 1998-1999. It isn't as 'easy' anymore in this presumed age of parity -- the last team to repeat was the New England Patriots over a decade ago in 2004-2005.  The Pittsburgh Steelers are the only team to ever accomplish the feat twice.  Denver could join some elite company on the all time NFL records list, if they can find someone qualified to take every offensive snap to start the new season.

In this case, this was not really a controversy the Broncos were expecting after their victory parade in February.  Back-up Brock Osweiler did a solid job of leading the team t…